Skinner Family #FlashbackFriday

My husband Rob & I ventured to Philly back in November to visit one of my old college roommates. My first memory of Ashley consists of helping my best friends (who were her new roommates at the time) put a mannequin in her bed. She had just transferred to our college and we thought it would be the perfect welcoming gift. For the next two years our group was inseparable. After graduation we sat in the living room of our empty apartment, said teary goodbyes and wondered where our lives would be in fives years. In hindsight, it's been neat to see where life has taken each of us. Ashley spent time in Taiwan teaching english before moving to Philadelphia and meeting her now husband, Drew. I was honored to witness their wedding and be a part of their celebration. Some time had passed since we last saw each other, so when Ashley & Drew invited us to stay with them we jumped at the chance. The weekend was full of quality time in their darling row house, shopping the Italian open air market for dinner neccesities , and most importantly meeting their two-year-old son! Over the weekend we stopped by the Race Street Pier, an amazing waterfront space on the Delaware River with an astonishing view of the Ben Franklin Bridge. As I watched this beautiful family interact with one another, I couldn't help but snap away. Here are some of the highlights from our day. Enjoy!