Evan, Professional Portrait Sneak Peak

I recently had the opportunity to stop by the Brooke Group office to photograph some of it's newest employees. Evan started this spring as the Director of Marketing. Her positive attitude and approachability easily shine through her photographs. From the moment you meet her, she feels like a friend. Best of luck in this new season of life Evan!

Take a minute and check out highlights from her session below...

Kelly Towart, For Daniel Wellington

This face might look familiar to you - it’s the wonderful Kelly Towart! She is a sweet friend of mine who’s continuing to gain exposure as a local fashion and motherhood blogger. I had the chance to collaborate with her again this past November, for her holiday campaign with Daniel Wellington (they make AMAZING watches, you can check them out here). Kelly really wanted an urban feel for this session. Since we had already done a session in New Haven, I wanted this one to look different - so we made our way to the abandon factories in Collinsville. The red buildings and moss-covered brick gifted us with the perfect holiday background. Highlights from our session are below. Enjoy!

Website: www.Kellytowart.com | Instagram: @kellytowart | Pinterest: @Kellytowart

Leah, Old Wethersfield Senior Session

Leah is a senior from Wethersfield, Connecticut. From our initial conversation, she wanted her session to center around the town's historic downtown area. Although I had some general areas I wanted to shoot in, Leah and her Mom really took the lead with locations that day. From the church her parents were married in, to the cove, to the ally next to their favorite pizza shop, every place had a memory and special story connected to it. It was a sweet night of reminiscing as we walked around the area. We even had the pleasure of bumping in to 'Kevin', the famous wild Turkey roaming around Old Wethersfield. Highlights from our session are below. Enjoy! 

Kelly Towart, Guilford Portrait Session

I had the chance to meet up with the wonderful Kelly Towart again. If you didn't have a chance to see my previous session with her, you can take a peak at it here. Kelly is a fashion & family blogger out of southern Connecticut. We spent an evening down in Guilford, wandering around the town green and making our way to the water just in time for sunset. We originally wanted to end our shoot on Grass Island, with it's 100 year old  fishing shack on the shore. Totally. Dreamy. But by the end of our shoot the sun was setting fast and we had to make a quick decision. Since we were racing the light, we decided  not to make the trek out to the island. Instead, we walked down the rocky embankment of the parking lot our cars were parked in, and shot with the calm, inlet water behind us. In some of the photos, you can catch a glimpse of Grass Island in the distance, with it's red shack. Kelly you killed it! Thanks for letting your inner Beyonce come out.

I am totally OBSESSED with this session. from the colors of this dress, to the deep, cold blue of the water. I literally can't stop starring. This was my fist time shooting in twilight - and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.  Highlights from out night are below. Enjoy!

Website: www.Kellytowart.com | Instagram: @kellytowart | Pinterest: @Kellytowart

Wynne, Professional Portrait Sneak Peak

We've all met someone like Wynne before. She's the kind of person who makes you feel like you're old friends who haven't seen each other in a while, and just need to catch up. She has a great sense of humor, and a genuineness that spills over from the first 'hello'. That sense of humor was put to the test when we stashed our coats in one of the foyers of the capital building, the day of her shoot. Halfway through her session, we decided to take a quick brake in said foyer, but much to our surprise - we found a locked door! Let's just say, after trying to rattle the door open a few times, the story ends with he police stopping by. Thanks for rolling with the punches that day Wynne! 

Check out a sneak peak of the newest Brooke Group agent below. Enjoy!

Joslyn + Aaron, Professional Portrait Session

Joslyn & Aaron are a husband & wife realtor team out of central Connecticut. They are currently in the process of creating & branding their business. When they approached me to help with photos for their website & marketing materials, I gave an excited 'Yes'! We spent one of the first warm spring days meandering around the UConn Law campus in Hartford. Joslyn & Aaron are genuinely sweet, caring and easy to talk with. By the end of our session, it felt like we were old friends. Check out some of the highlights from our day below. Enjoy!

Max, Professional Portrait Session

For the past 5 years, Max has been designing and building websites. He recently made it his full-time job and has been killing it ever since. Max wanted a location that was light, bright and simple. With it's modern layout and white walls, Hartford Seminary was the perfect fit. We spent most of our time shooting in the building's main entrance courtyard. The space was full of natural light and lines, which were fun to incorporate in to his portraits. Highlights from our time are below. Enjoy!

Kelly Towart, Downtown New Haven Portrait Session

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the wonderful Kelly Towart, a Connecticut based fashion & family blogger. Kelly lives in New Haven with her husband Justin, daughter Ayla, and fur baby Wimble. We spent the better part of the day meandering around her city, with stops at Yale’s famous rope swing , Coffee at Maison & Mathis, and the occasional turn down a picturesque alley. Kelly is an absolute gem to work with. Her laid back attitude and easy going spirit come across in each picture. From her smile and genuine ease, you’d never know it was a chilly January day! Below is a variety of the outfits we shot during our afternoon together. I totally want to steal (I mean, "borrow") her mauve Top Shop coat! Just sayin..

You can check out Kelly’s blog here, and follow along with her on Instagram here.

Highlights from our day are below. Enjoy!