Kelly Towart, Guilford Portrait Session

I had the chance to meet up with the wonderful Kelly Towart again. If you didn't have a chance to see my previous session with her, you can take a peak at it here. Kelly is a fashion & family blogger out of southern Connecticut. We spent an evening down in Guilford, wandering around the town green and making our way to the water just in time for sunset. We originally wanted to end our shoot on Grass Island, with it's 100 year old  fishing shack on the shore. Totally. Dreamy. But by the end of our shoot the sun was setting fast and we had to make a quick decision. Since we were racing the light, we decided  not to make the trek out to the island. Instead, we walked down the rocky embankment of the parking lot our cars were parked in, and shot with the calm, inlet water behind us. In some of the photos, you can catch a glimpse of Grass Island in the distance, with it's red shack. Kelly you killed it! Thanks for letting your inner Beyonce come out.

I am totally OBSESSED with this session. from the colors of this dress, to the deep, cold blue of the water. I literally can't stop starring. This was my fist time shooting in twilight - and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.  Highlights from out night are below. Enjoy!

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