Happy Birthday America! #GJPersonal

My family has been making the seven and half hour trek to the cabin in Maine for as long as I can remember. When I was young, my sisters and I would be woken in the middle of the night and shuffled in to the closed cab of our family's Toyota pick up truck. My parents would lay blankets over the green plastic outdoor carpeting, and in we'd go! We were fast asleep as the mile markers ticked away. By morning, we would arrive in Alexander, with it's population of 499 and one stop light. The cabin sits on the edge of Pleasant Lake, a mountain fed spring full of salmon and bass. Time there consisted of swimming, fishing, making a daily run to Randy's Variety (the town superette, movie store and bate shop), campfires, and more swimming.

This past Fourth of July, my husband and I ventured to the cabin to spend the holiday with my family. The weekend was spent partaking in the usual activities, with the addition of the professional level firework display the men put on. Although I brought my Nikon along, I favored spending time with family over taking photos. I did sneak away on the Fourth for a quick 30 minute shoot with some of my nieces. Posted are photographs of Emily. The first few were taken on the dirt road leading to our cabin, and the rest were taken in the old row boat we keep tied to the dock.

Enjoy! xo