Detriot Gems, #GJPersonal

Last month my husband and I spent ten days out in Michigan celebrating the holidays and enjoying time with his family. Aside from festive activities and family time, we were able to spend a few days enjoying the hidden gems of Detroit.  One of my favorites was Belle Isle, a city island park that sits smack dab in the middle of the Detroit River. My husband gets his sense of adventure and spontaneity from his parents, so when I expressed interest in checking it out my father-in-law jumped at the chance to take us there. The island itself hosts the Detroit Yacht Club, a zoo, an aquarium, a coast guard station, a beautiful fountain and my favorite...the Whitcomb Conservatory. This 111 year old botanical garden was simply stunning. It's aluminum beams and glass panes beckon you inside. On this chilly day, it's tropical temperatures and luscious greenery reminded me of summer days. Across the way were rows and rows of greenhouses left to their own devices. This abandon backdrop was perfect to play around with some portraits. We also explored the Detroit Institute of Arts (with its awe-inspiring hall of Diego Rivera Frescos) and sampled some AMAZING bagels from the Detroit Institute of Bagels (lots of institutes that day). As we made our way home that evening, I had to jump out of the car in Greek Town and snap a few. The city felt so timeless in that moment. Enough of my rambling,highlights from our explorations are below. Enjoy! xo