Olivia's Homecoming, #FlashbackFriday

This one's near and dear to my heart! In April of 2014, my niece Olivia made her way to Missouri for basic training. After 18 weeks away from family, friends and (most importantly) her five year old daughter, her arrival home couldn't have come soon enough. We made our way down to Tweed Airport and anxiously awaited her arrival. The airport itself is small so we were able to head right to her gate...and thus began the waiting game. Once her plane arrived it felt like an eternity before passengers began exiting and coming through the gate. And then finally, a familiar face and an eruption of joyous laughter! To watch a mother and her daughter reunited after being away for so long was breathtaking.  Tears and hugs made way for story telling and laughter. After much prodding we were even able to get a few flexes out of PFC Chavous! All that work in bootcamp seriously paid off! Joking aside, I am so proud of everything Olivia has accomplished and it was an honor to capture such an intimate family moment. Some the highlights from her homecoming are below, enjoy!